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About Realtime Technologies

The Company


Our Mission

"The mission of Realtime Technologies, Inc. is to develop advanced, intuitive simulation and real time tools that can be used to drastically reduce the time it takes to develop interactive simulation, test and acquisition systems.  Our aim is for customers to choose RTI because we have exceeded customer expectations in performance, service and quality."

Website Credits

Thanks to  Andrew Staddon, Webmaster of the US Army Info Web Site, for permission to use his images of US Army HMMWV/Hummers.

Thanks to EMHarms for the image of the Detroit skyline used in the Realtime Technologies banner.

Thanks to our customers for permission to use on-screen, in-house and on-site images and video of our products in action. 

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Realtime Technologies is a proud member of Automation Alley, Southeast Michigan's technology cluster.

Realtime Technologies was founded in 1998.  We specialize in multibody vehicle dynamics, and graphical simulation and modeling.  We offer simulation software applications, consulting services, custom engineering solutions, and software and hardware development.

We originally focused on providing consulting services in real time operator-in-the-loop simulation. During those formative years we developed  SimCreator, our lead product.

Over the last nine years RTI has delivered software and engineering solutions to a large number of major ground vehicle simulator developers. Realtime Technologies is expanding rapidly into the market for simulators.  In addition, we've provided extensive consulting and development support  to the US Army TACOM

Realtime Technologies employs excellent people with stellar skills.  We're serious about developing  top-notch, leading edge products and providing excellent customer service. We do it in a casual atmosphere. 

Realtime Technologies is a healthy growing business with offices in Michigan and Utah. Our customer base includes international, government and private entities.


Corporate Utah

781 Avis Drive
Ann Arbor, MI.  48108
(248) 548-4876
(248) 548-6036 fax


1204 West South Jordan Parkway
Suite C
South Jordan, UT. 84095
(801) 254-5007 fax

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Realtime Technologies Inc. (RTI) specializes in real time multibody vehicle dynamics, and graphical simulation and modeling.  We offer simulation software applications, consulting, custom engineering, software, and hardware development.  Realtime Technologies’ customer base includes international, government and private entities.  RTI was founded in 1998.