SimCreator Powertrain Component Library

Powertrain Library is a collection of drive train components made to augment the Standard Component Library of over 90 control system and graphical components that ship with Realtime TechnologiesSimCreator software package.

Powertrain uses a power flow modeling approach with torque and angular velocity representing the power variables.  Typically, data flows back and forth between upstream components, such as engines, to downstream components, such as inertias that represent wheels.  Additional components, such as differentials, control how torques and angular velocities are propagated through the model.

Powertrain offers you everything you need to develop complex multi-axle powertrains. This software runs with SimCreator version 1.5 or better.

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Powertrain Component Data Sheet (pdf)

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Models an open or limited slip differential.

Calculates the angular velocity of an inertia, based on the torques input on either end of the inertia component.

Models a gasoline or diesel engine using a torque map.

Models a manual gearbox

Models a gasoline or diesel engine using a torque map and calculates fuel consumption.

Calculates upstream and downstream torques based on the input speed ratio.

Calculates the torque generated by a flexible shaft, given the angular velocity of the shaft at each end.

Sums the two input torques to calculate the output torque.

Models an automatic transmission gearbox.

Models a four wheel vehicle transfer case in one of four modes.

Models an automatic transmission  gearbox.

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