Since 1997, Realtime Technologies has provided consulting support for the developers and users of ground vehicle simulators.  Work has focused on a number of simulator subsystems:

  • We've developed MIDI-based, AudioWorks-based, and DirectSound-based audio subsystems, which include support for multiple vehicles and sound replication.

  • We've integrated a variety of visualization software and computers.  RTI regularly evaluates software APIs for performance and capabilities. 

  • We lay out monitor and projector based display systems -- curved and flat screen -- and configure PC, ESIG and SGI systems for sheared and non-linear display, including CAVE environments.

  • We've developed terrain query subsystems.  Using software developed for loading OpenFlight databases into SGL, RTI developed a terrain query that is capable of directly reading in OpenFlight databases and allowing rapid querying of the height of terrain. 

  • We have experience integrating and tuning head tracking systems, head mounted displays and CAVE environments to minimize latency.

  • We've delivered washout algorithms and performed washout tuning for a number of customers.  In addition to our OverTilt Motion Drive Algorithm, we have experience in turning both classical and adaptive motion washout algorithms for use in ground vehicle and flight simulators. 

  • We have extensive experience writing C and C++ code in Windows and UNIX environments.  This includes real-time computers and interface hardware. 

  • We regularly develop software and hardware that communicate with in-vehicle displays and driver controls.

  • We provide human factors consulting services for driving simulator manufacturers and researchers. 


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Clayne Woodbury
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Realtime Technologies Inc. (RTI) specializes in real time multibody vehicle dynamics, and graphical simulation and modeling.  We offer simulation software applications, consulting, custom engineering, software, and hardware development.  Realtime Technologies’ customer base includes international, government and private entities.  RTI was founded in 1998.