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Arotech's Realtime Technologies Simulator Assists Discovery's MythBusters Dangerous Driving Episode

Royal Oak, Michigan – July, 2015 -- Realtime Technologies, Inc. (RTI), a part of Arotech Corporation's (NasdaqGM: ARTX) Training and Simulation Division, announced today that one of their full cab simulators will be used in a MythBusters television episode.

MythBusters a popular science entertainment television program relies on the scientific method to test the validity of rumors, myths, and stories. With the show's underlying emphasis on safety, MythBusters visited Stanford's Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab (VAIL) to examine the effects of distracted driving in an episode called "Dangerous Driving." 

Mobile phone use while driving is turning fatal at an alarming rate and municipalities across the country are beginning to take notice. To show the effect a mobile phone has on a driver, MythBuster, Jamie Hyneman, will get behind the wheel to evaluate hands-free vs. hands-held mobile phone use.  

By using a simulator, Jamie is able to safely and accurately show viewers the differences between these two approaches to mobile phone use while driving.

Realtime prepares their full cab vehicle simulators to offer an unprecedented experience. Achieving a realistic environment is necessary to accurately perform research and measure the effects distractions have on today's drivers.

For the segment, RTI performed custom programming for the simulator driving scenario. Starting with their Generic World database, a software package that quickly integrates behaviors into a variety of environments, including suburban, urban, rural, and freeway the software engineers built-in critical events called maneuvers. The ability to include maneuvers enhances the realism and tests the driver's ability to react in serious situations.

Maneuvers RTI added were to include: ambient traffic, ambient pedestrians, animals, freeway, parked car, and bicyclists. From these maneuvers the driver will experience a pedestrian using a crosswalk illegally, swerving bicycle, dog running out, and excessive braking. MythBusters driver, Jamie Hyneman, would then have to react to these maneuvers, while using his mobile phone.

Realtime Technologies, Inc.

Realtime Technologies Inc. (RTI) builds world class driving simulators for your research needs. RTI products: On- & Off-Road Simulators: including 6DOF & 3DOF motion bases. SimCreator: A graphical, hierarchical, real-time simulation & modeling system. SimObserver: A stand-alone digital collection & review system. OverTilt: A Motion Drive Algorithm (MDA) that provides an advanced form of tilt coordination. SimVehicle: A high-fidelity, multibody, real time vehicle dynamics model. Consulting: RTI offers custom software and hardware solutions.

For more information, please visit us at (www.simcreator.com).


MythBusters, which kicked off on Discovery Channel in 2003, is hosted by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. Inspiring a generation to inquire, interact and get involved with science, MythBusters uses a signature brand of explosive experimentation to prove or disprove popular myths, misconceptions or legends. Over the past 11 years, the team has tested 946 myths, filmed over 7900 hours, created 840 explosions and used 56,500 yards of duct tape.

MythBusters is airing throughout July and August on Saturdays at 8/7c on Discovery.

For more information, please visit  (http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/mythbusters/).

Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel is dedicated to creating the highest quality non-fiction content that informs and entertains its consumers about the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. The network, which is distributed to 100.8 million U.S. homes, can be seen in 210 countries and territories, offering a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and vivid cinematography across genres including, science and technology, exploration, adventure, history and in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the people, places and organizations that shape and share our world.

For more information, please visit  (www.discovery.com).

Arotech's Training and Simulation Division

Arotech's Training and Simulation Division (ATSD) provides world-class simulation based training solutions. ATSD develops, manufactures, and markets an extensive array of trainers and simulators that provide interactive and situational training for military, law enforcement and commercial customers. The division's Vehicle Simulation group provides high fidelity vehicle simulators for use in operator training. The division's Air Warfare Simulations group provides weapon simulations used to train military pilots in the effective use of air launched weapons. The division's Use of Force group provides training products focused on the proper employment of hand carried weapons and is marketed under the MILO Range nameplate.

Arotech's Training and Simulation Division consist of FAAC Incorporated (www.faac.com), MILO Range (www.ies-usa.com) and Realtime Technologies (www.simcreator.com). 

Arotech Corporation

Arotech Corporation is a defense and security products and services company, engaged in two business areas: interactive simulation for military, law enforcement and commercial markets; and power systems and batteries for the military, commercial and medical markets. Arotech operates through two major business divisions: Training and Simulation, and Power Systems.  

Arotech is incorporated in Delaware, with corporate offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and research, development and production subsidiaries in Michigan, South Carolina and Israel. For more information on Arotech, please visit Arotech's website at (www.arotech.com). 

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Phone: (801) 647-4672

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