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Products & Services

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SimCreator is a graphical, hierarchical, real time simulation and modeling system. While it may look similar to other simulation modeling tools, it delivers uncompromised real time performance.  SimCreator's GUI interface allows you to develop distributed simulation models with ease and speed (more)

Add-on component libraries are available to enhance SimCreator's capabilities.


SimObserver Logo


SimObserver is a stand-alone digital collection and review system. SimObserver has been designed to integrate easily with other applications and environments such as simulators, prototyping systems, usability labs and virtual environments. (more)


SimObserverHD is a stand-alone video capture and after action review system, now coupled with Data Distillery for advanced data analysis.  SimObserverHD's MPG-2 video compression and open communications protocol allows you to record digital video and real time data from multiple independent sources. (more)


SimLights is a full-featured and highly configurable lightmap generation tool that dramatically simplifies the task of adding high quality shadows to an existing OpenFlight database (version 15.7 or newer). SimLights pre-renders your database, generating a series of lightmaps that correspond to the lighting contributions from all static lights in the scene. The lightmaps are automatically applied to the geometry as a secondary texture layer, while maintaining full OpenFlight compatibility.  (more)

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SimSurface is a light map generation plug-in for Multigen Creator v 3.0 or better.  SimLights will pre-render your database, generating a series of light maps that correspond to the lighting contributions from all static light sources in the scene. (more)

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SimForce is a high-fidelity force feedback steering system.  SimForce has been under development since 2001. Its revolutionary patent-pending design provides unmatched performance. (more)


SimVista, RTI's tile-based scene and scenario authoring system, offers you the tools you need to create comprehensive simulation scenarios. The SimVista GUI allows you to drag and drop objects into your virtual world and bring them to life by scripting their behaviors. (more)

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SimVehicleLT is a high-fidelity, multibody, real time vehicle dynamics model. It can represent a variety of four-wheel vehicles. Selectable input data files are the key to how SimVehicleLT represents multiple vehicle models. (more)


SimDriver is an autonomous vehicle control solution that allows for the evaluation of human interaction with automated vehicles in both city and freeway driving environments.  SimDriver enhances the understanding of this relationship which will be key to ensuring safe autonomous vehicles. (more)

OverTilt motion drive algorithm logo


OverTilt®  is a Motion Drive Algorithm (MDA) that provides an advanced form of tilt coordination. It fully coordinates the linear and angular movement of a motion base, pro- viding optimum specific force cues, and  high frequency and sustained specific force cues. (more)  


Virtual Proving Ground

We offer technology that takes you through the complete vehicle development cycle — from design to evaluation.





Driver Distraction




We offer a wide range of custom services for real time simulation and interactive game developers. .


Component Libraries

Multibody Dynamics

Includes base bodies, joints, masses and cut joints. (more - html, pdf)



Is a collection of drive train components for modeling  complex multi-axel vehicles.
(more - html, pdf)


Standard Library

Includes logical, mathematical, conversion and signal components. (more - html)


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