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SimCreator is a graphical, hierarchical, real time simulation and modeling system. SimCreator is the product that launched Realtime Technologies. And it is the technology upon which many of our products are based.                        

SimCreator's purpose is to allow you to develop distributed simulation models with speed and ease — without writing a line of C Code. We’ve achieved this by creating an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to choose and connect components to build models in a power flow modeling approach. Once you’ve built your model, SimCreator generates the code.   

With SimCreator you can:

  • Rapidly develop distributed real time simulations.

  • Create graphical models that are as efficient as hand coded technologies.

  • Generate complex plant models using power flow-style modeling methods.

  • Easily integrate external software APIs and user code.

You build models with SimCreator by adding and connecting components. These components represent C Code or groups of components. SimCreator ships with a standard library of components. We've also developed component libraries to help you quickly expand SimCreator's capabilities. But more importantly, you can create your own components to customize SimCreator to fit your specific needs. Component GUI examplt
Components contain labeled connectors with units. You can group several components together to form new components. These new components, in turn, can be reused throughout a model. Component icons and help files for your new creations are easy to edit and develop, making them easy to document and share.




SimCreator 2.1 Schematic View


Distributed Training Presentation
Product Introduction
Product Data Sheet (pdf)

Model Examples

Powertrain Model
Driving Simulator Model
Multi-Channel Simulator Model


Multiple connector types.
  Matrix style input and output connectors.
Automatic connector dimensions.
Integrated JavaScript support including mathematical functions.
Scripted component addition and connection.
Support for concurrent real time RedHawk Linux.
Support for Visual C++ .NET.
Updated, easier-to-read help files.
Multiple processors.
Multiple priorities support under Windows.
Real-time support in Windows on multi-processor machines.
Bundled with Altia FacePlate 5.2.

Component Libraries

Multibody Dynamics
Standard Library


SimCreator Bulletin Board
Product Manuals

Product Contact

Clayne Woodbury
(801) 647-4672


SimCreator’s connection method allows for a power flow style modeling approach that makes system and plant modeling quick and accurate. You can have several projects open at the same time and copy components between them. Connecting components is as simple as a single mouse click.  SimCreator’s straight forward connection method, power flow modeling approach and flexible component design paradigm allow you to develop elaborate models with speed and ease. But we don’t stop there . . .

Component connection example

Real Time Performance
While SimCreator may look similar to other simulation modeling tools, it delivers uncompromised real time performance.

SimCreator generates code to run on embedded systems as well as distributed and multiprocessor systems. Your models can run on a very fast interpreter without the need to be compiled. The interpreter's performance rivals compiled code (typically 80% - 100% of compiled performance). Rather than recompiling code with every change, you make your changes and you’re ready to go.

SimCreator has been designed to meet the needs of the most rigorous real time simulation environments. Models developed in SimCreator can be used in your real time hardware and operator in-the-loop simulators without being reworked. Code generated by SimCreator is in hundreds of simulators and games.

SimCreator's mix of C code components and high-level modeling allows programmers, engineers and end users to work together to develop interactive simulations. That's a big plus in today’s technical arena that demands an increasingly diverse set of people to get optimal results.


Please review the SimCreator product sheet for more information.

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