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SimForce is a high-fidelity force feedback steering system. SimForce has been under development since 2001. Its revolutionary design provides superior performance.  

SimForce relies on a high-performance embedded computer, updating at 500Hz an advanced intelligent servodrive. The servodrive provides high torque and safe speeds. The servodrive controls a servo motor which has:

SimForce Components

  • High bandwidth
  • Low inertia
  • No gearing
  • Zero cogging
  • Zero backlash


The embedded computer provides tight control, dedicated safety, and smooth feedback. When coupled with Realtime Technologies' SimVehicleLT, power steer boost curves and tire aligning torque are accurately modeled and presented to the driver.

Design Applications
Used in conjunction with SimVehicleLT, SimForce is effective for assisting in the vehicle design process for steering system design, over steer/under steer studies,and stability management system design. The key is high-quality, accurate steering feedback dynamics in all types of terrain.SimForce Components
Research Applications
In the area of human factors research, SimForce allows you toinvestigate left and right hand turns, on center steering, hill ascent and decent, and deep skid recovery studies with confidence. Other research applications include driver behavior, driver training, hardware-in-the-loop, human-in-the-loop, and whole vehicle chassis design and layout studies.

You have the power to configure SimForce to represent the vehicle you need. SimForce is available as a standalone product or included in the design of a complete simulator. We also deliver custom designs based on your specifications.

For difficult driving situations choose SimForce for realistic steering component engineering.



Inertia: 9.12 kg-cm2
Torque Ripple: 0 Nm
Starting Torque: 0.075 Nm
Maximum Motor Torque: 25.8 Nm
Motor time constant: 3.15 ms
Motor Update Rate: 500Hz
Feedback Accuracy: 0.010
Encoder Resolution: 0.036 /sample
Servo Amplifier power: 250 W


Product Information Sheet (pdf)


Product Contact

Clayne Woodbury
(801) 647-4672




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