SimObserver logoRealtime Technologies, Inc. (RTI) is proud to offer SimObserver, a stand-alone video capture and after action review system, now coupled with Data Distillery for advanced data analysis.

SimObserver’s MPEG-2 video compression and open communications protocol allow you to record digital video and real time data from multiple independent sources. Up to four independent video sources are stored in a quad view video format.

Quad viewSimObserver has been designed to integrate easily with other applications and environments such as simulators, rapid prototyping systems, usability labs and virtual environments. The integration capability includes mechanisms for titling video, external/remote system control and data/video synchronization.

Digital Video Capture
SimObserver captures video and compresses it in MPEG-2 format, maintaining a 30 fps capture rate. Using MPEG-2 reduces storage space requirements, lowers hardware costs, and improves archive quality and efficiency.

Real Time Titling
SimObserver’s capture application includes a flexible video titling system that allows you to create, display, and manage overlay titles. You can define the location, size, font, color, and level of transparency of your video title fields. You can also define data sources for each field and populate them with data from external applications — in real time.

Event Mark & Review
While you record an activity using SimObserver, you can mark significant events using key strokes on the SimObserver computer or through remote commands issued from other applications. Events are recorded into an events file which is used to locate the events you tagged during capture. You name the events so they have contextual meaning when you seek through them. 



Direct MPEG-2 video capture.
Real time multi-source data capture.
Automated data synchronization.
Real time video titling.
Event mark and review.
Efficient behavior classifications using configurable keyboard video and event mark controls.
Standard 370 Gb storage capacity.
Removable storage media for easy data transfer.
24x DVD drive for efficient video and data archive.
C/C++ and Tcl API for custom application integration.
Turn-key system.


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Product Contact

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SimObserver hardwareDuring review, you can index through all events or just those of a certain category. As you search through events, the playback system instantaneously repositions the video to the event marker, significantly reducing the time it takes to review the video. Fast play, slow play, or frame-by-frame playback, combined with event seeking, gives you a high degree of flexibility when closely analyzing simulation captures.
Data Reduction, Review & Analysis
SimObserver’s data review and analysis capability has been improved with the addition of The Data Distillery software package. Data Distillery allows you to open and synchronize all of your captured data sources into a configurable workspace for efficient review. It provides functions for:

  • Detailed data review, reduction, and analysis.

  • Graphical data display

  • Automated event identification.

  • Video-based event classification.

  • Scripted data reduction.

Data Distillery indexes your event markers, giving you rapid data review. Data Distillery’s efficient video coding techniques facilitate detailed post-capture coding of observed behaviors Data Distillery user interfaceat near real time speed. All captured data sources can be viewed in sync with the video, offering contextual understanding of the observed activity. In addition, JavaScript scripting allows you to create custom data manipulation and analyses to achieve the data reduction you need for training and research.

Used together, SimObserver and The Data Distillery make it possible for you to analyze and reduce data into meaningful measures of interest in the most efficient manner to date.
DVD Archive Capability
The video you collect using SimObserver can be archived to DVD media format. By capturing straight to MPEG-2 format, we’ve made it possible to archive efficiently, without loss of quality and to produce professional highlight clips from your videos. Data files associated with the video are also stored on the DVD media, ensuring that the entire subject record remains organized for the life of the archive.

SimObserver offers you the hardware and software you need to capture, mark, title, review and analyze simulations faster and more efficiently than currently possible. And when you are finished, SimObserver preserves your synchronized simulation and data files in DVD media.           

Give some thought to how SimObserver can help you meet your simulation analysis goals. Then give us a call (801) 647-4672.

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