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RTI's Desktop Driving Simulator brings the performance of mid- to high-fidelity simulators to a compact, inexpensive package.

Using RTI's flagship SimCreator® product, complex simulation models are scaled and targeted to run on a  single high-performance PC platform. 

Now, all the features traditionally reserved for expensive, high-end simulators are within reach to those with a more modest budget. SimCreator also makes it easy to interface other applications into the simulator for test and development tasks.

The Desktop Driving Simulator product comes complete with
high-performance PC, 22" LCD monitor, 900 degree rotation PC game steering wheel and pedals, and PC speaker system.


Highlights Short List


High-performance at low cost.
Compact, portable configurations.
Small footprint.
High-quality graphics and audio cues.
Scalable and ready for upgrades.

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Product Information Sheet (pdf)

Product Contact

Clayne Woodbury

(801) 647-4672


The extra freedom of rotation more closely maps inputs from the game wheel steering to real vehicle steering inputs. The system can be mounted on just about any desk top workspace.  The result is a small footprint, portable driving simulator that is perfect for engineering laboratory settings, and research and training applications.  Multiple monitors are also offered as an option if you want to enhance the peripheral perspective of your simulation.

The Desktop Driving Simulator is powered by SimVehicleLT, the same SimCreator product that RTI delivers in its high-end research and training simulators. SimVehicleLT is a high-fidelity multibody, real time vehicle dynamics model.  SimVehicleLT provides accurate vehicle responses to the driving environment. The simulator operates at a 60 Hz update rate and supplies fantastic, high-quality graphics and audio cues.

The Desktop Driving Simulator can be delivered with stand-alone databases complete with an ambient traffic model or with customized simulation scenarios.  Stand alone databases exist for freeway, city, and off-road driving.  Customized scenarios can be developed with RTI's SimVista scene and scenario development toolset. 

Contact us with your simulation scenario needs for information about custom development.

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