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Realtime Technologies' (RTI) Driver Distraction Simulator brings the performance of mid- to high-fidelity simulators to cost-conscious consumers with implemented scenarios that allow simulator-based evaluations of new driver interfaces based on the Driver Distraction Guidelines provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Using RTI's flagship SimCreator® product, complex validated simulation models are scaled and targeted to run on distributed and multiprocessor systems.  Now, all the features traditionally reserved for expensive, high-end simulators are within reach to those with a more modest budget.


The Driver Distraction Simulator comes complete with the following hardware components:

  • Fully instrumented open cockpit vehicle cab 

  • Three 42” monitors providing a 150 degree forward field of view

  • Three visual computers for all visual displays

  • A laptop based operator workstation

The software for the simulator will consist of  the following components:

  • SimCreator for control of the simulator system

  • Operator’s Experimental Interface for experimental control and collection of results

  • SimVista for design and control of visual databases and behavior (optional)

The Driver Distraction Simulator is powered by RTI’s core driving simulator software, the same SimCreator and SimVehicle products that RTI delivers in its high-end research simulators. The software models have been validated and are used by vehicle manufacturers and suppliers around the world. SimCreator also makes it easy to interface other applications into the simulator for testing and development tasks.

The driving simulator software provides accurate vehicle responses to the driving environment. The simulator operates at a 60 Hz update rate and supplies high-quality graphics and audio cues.

The Driver Distraction Simulator can be delivered with stand-alone databases complete with an ambient traffic model or with customized simulation scenarios.  Stand-alone databases exist for freeway, city, and rural driving. 

Using the optional SimVista scene and scenario control package, customized scenarios can be developed. 
Several example scenarios are provided based on the SimVista tool set.  These scenarios can be modified to run during the daytime or nighttime and with rain, snow or fog.  Traffic volume is controllable in the scenario.  Scenarios can be modified using the SimVista GUI.  Scenarios will include driver distraction scenarios based on NHTSA guidelines.  Software specifications include:

  • Various driving scenarios (e.g., rural/urban/freeway, monotonous/moderate/complex roadway geometry, low/moderate/heavy traffic, night/day time, different weather conditions, etc.)

  • Programmable software 

  • Easily modified scenarios (Traffic signage, Traffic volume, Vehicle type) with GUI

  • Optional software upgrade and maintenance package.



Product Information Sheet (pdf)

Highlights Short List

High performance at a low cost
Compact and portable configurations.
Pre-built driving database
Easy to use scenario selection interface
Standardized scenarios
60 Hz update rate, supporting smooth    graphics presentation and rapid system response.

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Product Contact


Clayne Woodbury


(801) 647-4672

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