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Realtime Technologies' (RTI) on-road simulator is a turn-key driving simulation platform that can be applied to research, training, or automotive product development programs.  Our modular, scalable system design means you can build from your original simulator design, adding components and avoiding the need to replace your entire simulator as your fidelity requirements increase.

System Performance
Performance that rivals or bests other simulators on the market today is the result of
RTI’s un-compromised attention to simulation engineering details.  The core simulator and visuals subsystems operate at a 60 Hz update rate, supporting smooth graphics presentation and rapid system response in complex driving environments.

RTI’s driving simulators have demonstrated measured latency of less than 50 ms from step input on the host to visuals output.

Fast, accurate vehicle dynamics are the cornerstone of any high performance driving simulation platform.  RTI’s driving simulator comes complete with a dynamics model of your choice of compact, mid-size, full-size  passenger car; sport utility passenger vehicle; van; or pickup truck. Large truck and bus models are also available upon request.  All of RTI’s dynamics models support accurate modeling of vehicle response to a given set of conditions.

Freeway drive on our passenger vehicle simulator.

View a freeway drive on our passenger vehicle simulator.

Vehicle response in a driver-induced roll over.

See vehicle response in a driver-induced roll over.


Product Information Sheet (pdf)

Highlights Short List

Modular, scalable system design.
Fast, accurate vehicle dynamics.
Modified production vehicle cab included.
Plentiful visual display configuration options.
Spatialized audio presentation via audio subsystem

Additional Simulators

Driver Distraction

Product Contact

Clayne Woodbury

(801) 647-4672


In a simulation, the quality of visual graphics directly affects a user's ability to become immersed in the virtual environment.  Our simulator supports visual effects such as fog, rain, dynamic shadows, headlights, deformable terrain, ambient lighting models, and pre-rendered light maps.

SimVista Scene and Scenario Control
All the tools you need to author your own simulation scenarios are available with SimVista, RTI's scene and scenario control subsystem. 

The SimVista graphical user interface (GUI) gives you the power to drag and drop objects into your virtual world and to give them scripted behaviors, bringing them to life.  SimVista comes complete with pallets of objects that can be placed in the scene. It also includes set of tiles  that can be arranged within SimVista to make a seamless driving environment. Other objects that can be dragged off a palette and added to enhance the visual complexity of the scene include buildings, trees, parked vehicles, terrain features, signs, and construction barriers among many others.

Simulation with rear view mirrorsStill more objects such as sensors, vehicles, and pedestrians can be introduced and assigned behaviors that will play out during scenario execution. With SimVista you can regulate nearly all aspects of virtual traffic, pedestrian movements and simulator operation. 

RTI’s driving simulator comes complete with a modified production vehicle cab.  The cab can be developed to specifications that match your budget and facilities requirements. 

Typically, a production mid-size or compact passenger vehicle is modified to remove powertrain components while electronic instrumentation is added to allow communication with the simulator. The result is a real vehicle that interacts seamlessly with the simulation. Both full vehicle or front half cabs are available.

SimForce ComponentsControl Loading
A high-fidelity control loading system provides feedback on the steering wheel that is directly coupled with the vehicle dynamics at 2000 Hz.  Important factors such as power steering boost curves, and tire aligning torque are included in the steering model. You configure the steering feedback to represent the vehicle you're simulating.

Display Options
The visual display configuration options on RTI’s driving simulator are plentiful.  You can make use of CRT monitors, plasma monitors, CRT, LCD, or DLP projectors in a front or rear projection configuration.  Field of view, resolution, vertical and horizontal offsets, and aspect ratios can be independently configured on a per-channel basis. A typical simulator makes use of 180° forward field of view front projection with optional LCD panel rear view mirrors.

RTI’s audio subsystem supports spatialized audio presentation. The ambient vehicle noises include engine, transmission, wind and tire noise.  In addition, sounds can be localized to a specific location or object. 

Motion (Optional)Motion bases
RTI’s driving simulator is fully motion compatible. Both 6DOF and 3DOF low profile motion solutions can be added to your driving simulator to provide fast, smooth, and accurate motion cueing.

RTI’s on road driving simulator leads the industry in the ease with which you can create driving environments and scenario content.  


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