SimVehicleLT - General Vehicle Dynamics System

SimVehicleLT is a high-fidelity, multibody, real time vehicle dynamics model. It can represent a variety of four-wheel vehicles. Selectable input data files are the key to how SimVehicleLT represents multiple vehicle models.




Test vehicle designs before performing costly prototyping.
Evaluate ECU hardware design using hardware-in-the-loop simulation.
Develop control strategies in a flexible software environment.
Perform operator-in-the-loop testing using a robust vehicle model.




Virtual Proving Ground Demo (wmv)
Product Information Sheet (pdf)
Multibody Dynamics Training Slide Presentation (PowerPoint)


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Product Information & Pricing


Clayne Woodbury
(801) 647-4672


The SimVehicleLT system is made up of models of the four corners of the vehicle that are coupled with a 6 degree of freedom body component.

This includes the Newton-Euler equations of motion. A powertrain model calculates the torques at the wheels based on brake pedal, gear, and accelerator pedal inputs.

There is a great deal more to SimVehicleLT. Please view or download the SimVehicleLT product data sheet (pdf) for more information about this product. 

Vehicle model with powertrain detail
Vehicle model with powertrain detail -- Click for larger image.

Realtime Technologies' Multibody Dynamics Component Library is the cornerstone of SimVehicleLT's functionality.  These components were manipulated with SimCreator, using its C Code generation features.  SimVehicleLT uses all of SimCreator’s real  time features, giving SimVehicleLT:


SimVehicle user interface Error exception handling with the capability to reset the SimVehicleLT simulation
Real time external monitoring of all vehicle dynamics output
External control of all unconnected simulation input
Variable step size integration
Optional integration method selection  

SimVehicleLT has been compiled for embedded applications using SimCreator’s code generation facilities. In addition. SimVehicleLT can be quickly re-configured using the SimCreator GUI.

We offer additional component libraries that allow you to enhance SimVehicleLT’s capabilities.


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