Virtual Proving Ground

Realtime Technologies now offers technology that takes you through the complete vehicle development cycle — from design to evaluation.  We've coupled our four top-tier products -- SimCreator, SimObserver, SimVehicleLT and OverTilt -- with select commercial products to offer you the complete virtual proving ground package.  Read the press release.


Review & translate requirements into vehicle design parameters.
Export vehicle designs into SimCreator.
Create test track environment & test scenarios.
Develop in desktop environment.
Create C/C++ control, dynamics & simulation components.
Test vehicle designs & control systems faster than real time.



SimVehicle interface
SimVehicleLT interface showing graphical and
spreadsheet views of vehicle dynamics specifications.

SimCreator desktop interface
SimCreator desktop interface.


Altia FacePlate

SimVista modeling interface
SimVista modeling interface.

SimCreator component modeling view
SimCreator component library view.



Control simulation.
Configure operational environment
(cab, motion, display, audio, etc.).
Engage multiple drivers in multiple vehicle configurations in local or global locations.
Record & digitally preserve simulation.


Desktop Sim hardware package
Desktop Sim hardware package.

 Half cab driving sim with three channel display
Half cab driving sim with three channel display.




OverTilt Motion Drive Algorithm
Altia FacePlate


Altia FacePlate dashboard
Altia FacePlate dashboard.


Predict human/vehicle performance.
Determine optimal vehicle configuration.
Reduce data elements & perform statistical analysis.
Review data elements & event marks in graphical presentation.


Data Distillery user interface
Data Distillery user interface.



Data Distillery





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